Tuesday, December 4, 2012




  1. Well you've got a great start! I look forward to reading your posts in the future. I am very interested in the art of karate and I have been trying to read more blogs about the subject to get different perspectives. I have a friend who does karate nashville tn and he loves it.

  2. Eko,

    Hello from Okinawa. I was directed here in search of a reproduced article by my Uechi Kanei Sensei about his 50 years in karate. But the article is not here. Maybe the page direction was incorrect?

    I am Seizan a student of Toyama Seiko Sensei who was the last active student of UechiRyu founder, Uechi Kanbun Sensei. Kanbun Sensei's son Kanei Sensei was also my teacher for a few years. Please continue with your blog, don't give up...!

    If you wish to visit my page, just search "Zankyokai" in Google and you'll find my Nagahama Dojo.

    Hope all is well and your practice continues.



  3. Seizan, Just found your blog. Sad that it is not more readily used.

    Jim P.